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Festival Fun Wedding Games - Wedding Games to Keep the Guests Entertained

Last year I captured a wedding where the reception was held in their beautifully big back garden. The couple had aimed to make it as fun packed as possible. The free-flowing alcohol definitely contributed to the fun but what made it enjoyable for all ages was the variety of games set up.

It's a particularly great idea to have some entertainment for your guests while they are waiting around for the photographer and videographer to get intimate shots between the happy couple. You will find this is the time when the guests become the most antsy. Here is a small list of my favourite games to include in a backyard festival style wedding to keep your guests busy and happy.

Please comment below with your suggested games

Skittles/ Bowling

See the competitive side of your guests with this game which is a great budget price. Everyone knows how to play skittles/ bowling and they can play in teams.

Get it here ----->

skittles/ bowling outdoor fun wedding game

Coconut Shy

Bring back the days of getting ripped off at the local fair and really test the patience of your guests as they attempt to knock off a coconut from the posts. A really handy game to keep the guests occupied while the photographer whisks off the newly weds for an intense photo session. The guests that managed to knock a coconut off jumped with joy at their accomplishment.

Get it here ----->

coconut shy outdoor fun wedding game

DIY Bottle Ringtoss

Get some spray paint, empty bottles and rope or plastic with ribbon to make you own ring toss. Get creative with colours and styles to match your scheme. Or head to Etsy and find some lovely ones already made like the ones below

Giant Jenga

Always a family favourite, it's a winner for all ages. Although you may lose your steady hand after a few champers!

Get it here ----->

giant jenga outdoor fun wedding game

Giant Twister

No game is as much fun as Twister after a few glasses of Bucks Fizz. This one is suitable for 30 players and guaranteed to cause lots of laughs.

Get it here ---->

giant twister outdoor fun wedding game

Cornhole Rustic Game

I just love these DIY personalised corn hole rustic game boards. Simply cut a hole into a board and prepare some sandbags. You can even get personalised prints to stick on your board to make it that extra special like the one below.

Get the vinyl decor here ---->

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