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Springspiration!! Wedding Favourites to encourage the sun to start coming out

If you're like me then you are probably very much over this cold weather we have been having for the last forever! It seems like Winter just does not want to take a hint and leave!

For Spring Brides and Grooms you will be more than ready for sunshine, daffodils and blossom to start making an appearance so your photos and video will be filled with colour to remember your special day.

I have put together my top five favourite Spring inspirations in hope of enticing the Sun to come out and bring the colours of nature along with it.

1. Obviously Daffodils!

This picture was actually from a wedding I captured last year for the beautiful Bex and Rich who had a wedding over Easter Weekend. I just love daffodils and these home made centre pieces were put together with simple perfection.

2. More Wildflower centrepieces but with a twist!

Lots of colour and nature on your tables but with a different kind of glass vase. Collect all of your spirit bottle for this Spring/ Woodland feel to your wedding and get your guests in the drinking mood with these subliminal messages everywhere ha!

Hendricks Gin centrepieces for a wedding with wildflowers
alcohol centre pieces tequila gin vodka spirits for a wedding venue

3. Watering Cans!

Planting flowers and nurturing your garden (if you have the time) are the first steps into Spring. Bring your watering can to your wedding to add colour to your outdoor decoration. I absolutely love this wedding sign created with a spade and watering cans and decorated with more wild flowers!

wedding sign with flowers and watering can, show guests to the wedding venue

4. Blossom!

Flowers have became a major Spring theme here but I do feel like Spring wouldn't be Spring without those pretty pink petals on the ground... or on a cake... or even on your guest book! The amazing guest book idea below found on Pinterest. Ask your guests to carefully sign a blossom tree which will make a lovely piece of art to cherish forever.

5. Because you can't predict the weather...

Spring may well be the start of sunshine but theres also a high chance of Spring Showers. The temperature doesn't drastically change either and these little blankets could definitely come in handy for an evening stroll at least.

Better to be safe than sorry. And even if they don't get used they look very cute!

Have a beautiful wedding whatever the season and feel free to let me know your favourite inspirational wedding pieces to get featured on the site.

Photo credit to Pinterest unless stated otherwise

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