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Valentine's Day Feels!!

Valentines is quickly approaching. A day filled with chocolates, cards and love!! Cheesy, yes, but that is what Valentine's Day is. But I love it!!

Some call it overrated. Some say it's just a money-making scheme for chocolate and card companies. My favourites are the cocky Facebook statuses, "I don't need one day of the year to make my girl feel special, I show her I love her every day of the year"- Blah, blah, blah (most likely to come from a 19 year old who has been with said girlfriend for nine month). Why does this day get so much criticism?

While my husband and I aren't big on Valentine's Day we still appreciate it in subtle ways. We have our own little date night on the week of Valentines depending on work commitments. It could be just a trip to the cinema, a nice walk somewhere with just the dog and/ or a night in where we don't work and just cuddle watching a film and eat a takeaway. We always say we won't do Valentines cards but for some reason we usually do.

As we both have extremely busy lives running businesses and a family we rarely switch off. Wedding videography is getting more popular and I am grateful for the working coming in! However, even on a recent romantic cabin holiday we basically packed the office up and took everything with us to get work done in a quiet environment. We did treat ourselves to a dip in the hot tub though as a reward for a day's hard work.

Anyone who runs businesses while looking after a family will tell you they get most of their work done when their little one/s are sleeping or visiting grandparents. So quality time takes a back burner. Every now and then we will treat ourselves to a spontaneous night out to celebrate a successful few months. Obviously on anniversaries and birthdays we dedicate time for each other but it's nice to have another date in the diary to remind us to have quality time together. Valentines. Is this sad? I hope not.

Love is a special thing. We say the words "I love you" to each other every day. We appreciate each other in ways most other couples will understand- he does majority/ all of the cooking; I get up the majority/ all of the time when our toddler cries in the middle of the night. He will fasten the octopus armed toddler into the car seat while I pack toddler's entourage of crap into the bag ready for whatever mummy-baby activities I have planned for us today. Husband works on his business all day and night to pay for majority of the household and mummy-baby activities and I work in the evening to contribute to the crazy bill load. And we still give kisses and cuddles every day and talk to each other. So yes, we certainly appreciate each other every day. But quality time is rare and probably taken for granted.

I think this is the case for most couples with children. It's too easily done. Valentines helps overcome that because after New Year it is EVERYWHERE. January is known for being the most depressing month of the year but then you see a Valentine's poster and who do you suddenly think of? The love of your life. And it's a lovely warm feeling. Although I can imagine my husband thinks "Oh shit, I still haven't picked her up a card", but at least I'm in his thoughts. I'm the one he thinks about, or better think about. You might see Valentines pop up on your social media and find yourself turning to your other half and saying, "what are we doing for Valentine's Day?" Valentine's Day to me is an alarm clock for busy couples reminding them to just set some quality time together and I'm not ashamed of that. And if he wants to buy me wine and chocolates I certainly won't complain, even better if he buys me wine with wine.

This isn't saying anything bad about our relationship because we are genuinely happy, no matter how much of a negative spin people put on February 14th. We should be more worried about those in a relationship who publicly need to declare "they don't need Valentine's Day". They obviously have insecurities about themselves or their relationship if they have to put others down around them who are more positive about Cupid's favourite day. So however big or little you're planning on going this Valentines just do it and enjoy the time you're sharing with that special someone. It's also another excuse to pull your wedding video out and have a watch together! Any day for celebrating is a great day to me and what could be a better thing to celebrate than love!

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