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How to add some quirky OOMPH to your day!!

Over the years weddings have changed from a traditional church ceremony followed by a small dinner with close friends and family to an EPIC EVENT.

Alongside this, more and more couples are thinking of ways to add something quirky that makes their day memorable and special to them. Fireworks and Chinese Lanterns are popular methods of adding oomph but are they personal to you both as a couple? The trick when planning something "extra" at your wedding is to plan something meaningful to you both - that is what it will make it special to you. If you both absolutely love a firework show (to be honest - who doesn't?) or if you're both a fan of Chinese lanterns then great! If not, consider other options.

Customise the cake!! Two clients I recently worked were massive fans of Emmerdale - in fact they met through an Emmerdale fan club. They wanted something to represent their shared love and how they met so had the idea to have an amazing Wedding Cake made. Traditional on the front and.. well, Emmerdale on the back! Just look below. This is certainly a unique and quirky design and very personal to the both of them.

If you want to go totally crazy then add a theme!! Are you both huge fans of Harry Potter? Do you both religiously watch and investigate Game of Thrones - perhaps even combine them both? You're probably thinking "WTF" but I actually spoke to a couple who are having a combined Lego and Lord of the Rings inspired wedding - it's about creating a theme that is special for you both. Plus your friends and family will be sure to find it fun.... and certainly memorable. If this seems like a bit of a big OOPMH for you then you could go for something simpler like a beach theme if thats where you met (like me! Just getting that in there), or if you both love Vegas have a casino like one of my recent couples did below.... or you could go to Vegas...

However, my new favourite quirk is to add a splash of colour on your big day. If you're a fun, colourful couple but don't want anything too crazy to show this off then this is the simple wow factor for you and it looks amazing in photos and fantastic on video. I had so much fun working with the couple below using smoke bombs they had provided. Tip: the friction smoke bombs give you a lot more flare than the ring pull. If you want to include colourful smoke bombs in your wedding photo and video then purchase them here on

Whatever you do make sure you aren't looking for something to throw in for the sake of standing out or pleasing your guests. It's your day and should be memorable for you.

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