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I Do in the Dales 💍😍❤️

If you have never been to the Yorkshire Dales it is fair to say you have been missing out on somewhere breathtaking. Last weekend I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Not only was I working with the loveliest and most laid back couple but their wedding was in a stunning location of Burnsall Village.

It started with Shipley

My morning started off in Shipley where I met the beautiful bride Bex for the first time face to face.

Her big infectious smile and uplifting greet at the door made me feel very welcome and we were soon filming the start of her wedding day with her gorgeous bridesmaids and brides-man. I love the start of a wedding day where you get to witness a glimpse of nerves, but the bridesmaids and brides-man made sure Bex always had a glass of champagne in her hand to overcome pre wedding jitters. As the make up artist and hair stylist worked away they all shared memories with giggles and loud laughter.

The three bridesmaids were ready one by one. They were dressed in mint green dresses that complimented the Spring colour theme of this Easter weekend wedding. All three bridesmaids also had a knot to tie as they teamed up to assist the brides-man who was struggling to create the perfect tie around his neck. After several attempts and lots of laughter the bridesman looked very dapper in his navy suit with themed corsage. However the giggles were still to continue over the 20 minutes of labour to get his shoes on.

The Fairy Bride

It's obvious that the best part of the morning would be seeing the Bride all dressed but I honestly don't think it's appreciated enough of what a magical moment that is. The Bride really was beautiful. With natural make up, her hair was up with pearl leaves at the back and a few soft curls dropped at the front. The dress was simple and classy and the diamanté details gave it a modern twist. The flowers on her dress would make garden fairies envious, she was the perfect picture of a Spring bride.

The bridesmaids were overcome with joy as they shed tears for their best friend. They then giggled and cried some more... then giggled and again cried some more. It was very apparent what a close group of friends they all were. As the day went on friends, family and close relationships became a special theme of this wedding.

Dad was left speechless when he saw his daughter enter the room. In comparison to the laughter they had shared earlier in her living room, they were now both quietly smiling with nerves and it was clear that Dad was overcome with pride for his now not so little girl.

The Groom

The groom had a busy morning making sure everything was set up and running smoothly. Rich did an amazing job welcoming guests and making sure everyone was ok, but I think he was was glad to be occupied, whenever he stood still the nerves shone through.

Ye Olde Venue

Burnsall village hall is an old building with stone walls and big arched windows overlooking the Yorkshire greenery and the neighbouring Church. Inside and out of the venue was decorated with pastel coloured bunting, the rooms inside were blanketed with lanterns, fairy lights and daffodils. Friends and family had worked hard to put together this romantic Easter setting, engaging again the support and love for he union of this lovely young couple.

Photo from

Intimate Ceremony

There was no "grooms side, brides side", the guests simply took a seat in preparation for what would be a beautiful intimate ceremony.

The officiant announced for everyone to stand and the music started. Everyone waited anxiously for the arrival of the Bridal party to make their way down the aisle.

The bridesmaids lit up the aisle with their smiles. As they stood in place they gave little smiles of excitement towards the groom. Rich's face full nerves of anticipation was quickly transformed to a beaming smile and overwhelming love for his glowing Bride walking down the aisle.

The bride was overcome with tears, so we're the bridesmaids and other guests. These happy tears continued to flow throughout this joyful humanist ceremony as their own stories were shared as well as lovely reading from family guest speakers.

Fun with a View

After the ceremony everyone went outdoors for confetti, a bouncy castle and outdoor games while the private events company rearranged the room for feasting. It was also a great opportunity to really take in the scenery around us. It was easy to see why Bex and Rich had chosen this location, there were lots of surrounding green hilltops and a river where people were even rafting. It is also a special place for them as they often come here for long walks with their dog.

Simply Delicious

Afternoon tea consisted of jam and scones. A very English feast for a very English Yorkshire setting. At dinner time a pizza van baked delicious stonebaked pizzas. Both of these meals are a great idea for the relaxed couples who don't like the traditional wedding formalities of a sit down meal. It also would have been very difficult for waiters to deliver fancy plated food between the aisle of the back to back chairs as the tables were closely lined up in three long rows. Therefore practically these meal ideas are a great solution for tight spaces and also tight budgets especially if you're lucky like Bex and Rich and have amazing family members contributing by baking scones.

The open bar again emphasised what a laid back couple they were. They had pre-bought a lot of alcohol and the rules were for guests to order as much as they want until it runs out. Make mine a double!

The aim of their day was to celebrate this special day with their friends and family and for everyone to have fun. It certainly did that. So much hard work had gone into putting this wedding together, from creating scones, decorations and getting the North East to save their jam jars, but it all paid off. Everyone was smiling, everyone had fun and most of all it was apparent every single person was thrilled to be sharing this special life event with this much loved couple.

A note to the couple

Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Carden for allowing me to capture your day. I can't wait to get the highlight video to you both soon.

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