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Do I have an Engagement Party?

You're engaged! Before the wedding planning commences you have to decide - do you have an engagement party?

It's tradition, but is it necessary?

I have my list of reasons for and against engagement parties to consider....


An excuse to celebrate - friends and family will love celebrating your engagement with you and many people just like an excuse to put their glad rags on - so give them one!

Your wedding may be some time away - Weddings are expensive!! They also take a lot of planning so you might plan to marry in 1, 2 or 3 years, maybe even longer. So fill in the gap with an engagement party, they are a lot cheaper compared to a wedding and take a lot less planning.

Presents - A nice little perk! And often people give money as a gift which can contribute to the wedding fund.

Family and friends reunion - If you're like me and find it almost impossible to arrange a family gathering or catch up with friends because everyone is so busy then an engagement party is an event people are highly likely to keep their calendar free for.


Unnecessary spend - if the wedding is already too much to budget for then maybe an additional party is a bottom priority. On the other hand, you could receive gift money that covers the party costs plus more towards the wedding fund, just send invites to every tom, dick and harry you come across .... or Burger King

Small wedding - if you only want a small ceremony you may feel rude inviting people to an engagement party knowing they aren't invited to the wedding. However, I am one of those people having an intimate ceremony and friends who are'nt invited have asked me if I am having an engagement party or hen party because they want to celebrate with me in any way possible. So for that reason it could also be a reason FOR.

Dislike attention - If either of you are nervous about being centre of the attention on the Wedding day and don't want any more fuss then maybe the engagement is the one to miss out on. However, there is no way to avoid being fussed and swooned over on your big day - but lets face it there could be worse things than a day full of people giving you compliments! :)

SO... There may be more reasons for an engagement party but it all comes down to what you both want - don't feel you have to give into the pressure if you really don't feel the need for one. Also remember if you do want the added celebration they don't have to be big, it can be a house party or an engagement dinner.

Weddings are stressful enough, don't make the engagement an additional stress. If you are having a party - enjoy it!! Make the engagement party an easy, fun way to celebrate before the wedding work begins.

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