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Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!!!

You're engaged!! Congratulations! I dropped so many hints to my partner which included a very tactful "When on Earth are you going to marry me?" Subtle, I know..... When he finally asked me I thought that was the hard part over and the fun could begin. Little did I know how much hard work and planning, planning and more planning goes into a wedding.

Thank goodness for Pinterest!! It is a place where you can browse inspirational, creative and beautiful ideas for both a budget and splurge weddings!! However, for these reasons it is also a curse which takes over your entire life. After you have spent hours researching Pinterest and trying a range of keywords you then remember there is a whole online wedding world out there.... so you continuing browsing other online wedding sources after online wedding sources until you have turned into a blue faced zombie bride, or groom, who is now even more confused than when you started!!

It is too late for me. I am way too deep into the Online Wedding Realm that there is no turning back. However I am going to make things a lot easier for you future Bride and Grooms by presenting the best of the best I have discovered along the way to save you many hours of digging. Most of my finds are DIY ideas to save you $$ and ££. However, there are a lot of pricier ideas I just had to keep... just to look it... which make beautiful inspirational ideas for the bigger budgets.

A lot of my finds are already on Instagram and Facebook so do check them out.

Please get in touch with any suggestions, ideas or queries you may have by using the contact form.

Happy Wedding Planning!!

Stacey x

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